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Better than Weather Bug!!

One of the best weather app!!

One of the best I have used in quite some time.

Best app ever

I love it it's allot more convenient than your normal weather app😋😍

Like it

It’s fast, has enjoyable graphics, and works almost flawlessly. Except that I would like for it to revert to a horizontal format, along with my iPad. It also seems to conflict with podcasts. Otherwise great! Thanks for making this available!

Great weather app

Easy to use and good information.

Crap Deleted


Really good

This is a really good app

Cool app

It's pretty accurate and I love the active background.


I love this app. Great job

Well designed app

Easy to see all the information it provides, and to add other locations. Don't know how accurate current temperature readings are, but forecasts seem right on the mark (as far as any forecast can be).

Nice app

If you want to keep up on your weather get this app.

Is among my top 5 most used apps.

Love this app. Even when traveling long distances it lets you know the weather wherever you are.

Love it!

It's the best!

Nice app

It is a nice app to use but sometimes it doesn't have the details that you want

Great for iPad

No complaints.


Excellent app.

Right in time!

This is great. Up to the minute weather

This helps a lot

This really helps a lot because it shows us if it's gonna be hot or cold or rainy or not rainy or anything that is a type of weather




Like the app.......


Good info

Great app!

Definitely recommend! Easy to use and very helpful

Beautiful, simple

Beautiful, simple weather app. It has all the details you need in a weather report without looking so cluttered. Wonderful UI/UX. I love to look up multiple locations of weather just for the experience. Just lovely!

Excellent app!

Love all the features and weather options


Accurate forecast

I like

Works great on my iPad

All you need in an a weather without extra useless information

I had to give it 5. Good app


None better the very best Semper Fi

Better than most!

This is by far the best weather app I have on my device.

The Weather Radar

Excellent information and graphics. Recommend to anyone who wants to know weather conditions and temperature!

Good To Go

Don't know why people downgrade a free app that works just as good as the weather channel, if you think that news and the weather channel is accurate, then you have been mislead. THIS APP IS GREAT, LOVE IT.


I thought that I would miss "The Weather Chanel" app. When I decided to download Live Weather I couldn't believe how cool it was.. the background pictures of what is really happening is very accurate and neat to look at.. I would recommend it highly..

Most Excellent 👍👍

Just what I need up here in Vermont. Weather changes about 4 times a day 😎

Needs lots of work

Too hard to use. Inaccurate. No instructions. Cannot change My Location, which is inaccurate.

Good app

Good app

Very good app.

I use it everyday and It is very accurate. I give it 5 stars.


I love the background and the way they have it set up but I don't care for the ads

The Best

I have tried all the weather apps, and a lot of the I do really like, but, I like this weather app the BEST!!!!!

I paid for this?

Radar is horrible and there are advertisements (this application wasn't free!)

Love this app!

Very easy to use, bright, colorful!


Overall, I like it but it doesn't give you the detailed description for the five day forecast. It might say possible showers and then you click to expand it and all you see the weather for am and pm. Unless you are looking at the same that give you specifics for weather, you can't get this information for the rest of the week. Like what %of rain on a given five day forecast, or how much snow-- that I don't like. It's just an ok app.


The weather reports are on 👍🏽

Gorgeous, Modern, Minimalist

I've been looking far and wide for a functional yet attractive app for weather which also has a good widget for quick and easy access to weather data. This app checks all my boxes. It is simple, elegant plus the radar can show everything from global temperature to ocean currents!

Can't open it.

It won't load.


It's a good app even tho the radar isn't accurate. I got this app looking for something better than the iPhone weather because that is not right at all.. so if you are looking for something better than iPhone weather and are not bothered by the radar not working right for your location then this is for you.

Love the animations

This is a pretty cool app, love the animations and the 7 days forecasts.

Great App :)

I love it

Not so much

Radar Not very practical. Opens in mid ocean south of Ghana. Nowhere my location in USA. Three stars at best, really should have 2 1/2 stars. Pretty to look at but once you take her out... No substance.


Sehr gut

Good app

Keeps me in the know!

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