Weather Radar, Forecast &Alert App Reviews

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$10 per week for radar??

Guess it's fine if you want basic weather with nice pictures. But access to radar will cost you $10 per week. Turns out you can get radar for free elsewhere.

Does what it says!

Gives good weather info. I like this app.

Pro version is a joke

Upgrade to pro for $9.99 a week, seriously? You are not the only weather forecasting App in the world.

Great App

Love this App. Provides me with very accurate weather information. I especially love the live weather feature.

A must-have app

It is a cool one. I like it a lot. Check it everyday. Sometimes I just keep it one for a long time.


Very good !

It stinks!!

I cannot add any other locations without signing up for the $40 month version. The previous version let me see up to 12 cities around the world - since we travel a lot and have friends in many countries - this was valuable to me. Without it I'm deleting this app and will try to find another!

Rip off

App is free for only one cities weather, if you want to add another city it’s $9.99 A WEEK !! Who the heck pays $10 a week for a weather app. Big thumbs down.


The weekly premium rate is outrageous! It is not that exceptional & it is not worth $9.99 per week. Deleted & cancelled the subscription!

A great app that you can get for free😊

This app is amazing and it gives you a short Live Photo and that is really cool and if you don’t believe me then you should download it it is absolutely free and you should get it because it is cool if you think so


Definitely as accurate as they can be, in such a fluid science. Appreciated!

$10/week for subscription

$10/wk for subscription - deleted free version as I don’t support any business with zero ethics.

es muy simple

la version gratis es buena incluyan mas datos por favor


no complications gives me exactly what i’m looking for 😁☺️

It’s helpful

LOL! I love this app! It’s so helpful, and it has great weather look when I use the app! It’s sooooo awsome! Thank you for createing this app!


It does not open to the current time and has no clock. I opened it at 4:20 pm and it said 39, scanning to 4:00 it said 43. Not easy enough to understand.

$9.99 per WEEK?

Just an ok as a free app, all the worth while features are premium which makes sense except that premium is $9.99 per WEEK. That is insane!! No one should pay $40+ per month for a weather app!!! At $120 a year they need to provide a lot better features than a freaking radar.


Great app, thanks 🏅

Great weather app I recon mind it

His week is my birthday and I want my party Sunday and I will be plenty of sunshine I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Used to be perfect

I've never written a review for an app before but I'm making an exception for a greasy move these devs have made. I used this to check which areas were suitable to ride my motorcycle but now they want 10$ a week to look at the radar?! That's ridiculous. I loved this app and promoted it to many other riders but 520$/year to look at weather radar is ludicrous. I would have happily paid 3-5$ a month but 10$ a week is downright greedy. Time to reevaluate.


Would be better with radar.


V. Nice

Bad app

It has you get a subscription for $9.99. Don’t recommend.


U ok

Great app

I’m a truck driver and this app help out a lot when I’m driving through States.


Very good!!!

Can’t add locations without paying $1.99 per week

I like this app at first, but now after having it for about 3 weeks, I can’t add locations without being prompted to subscribe...for $1.99 PER WEEK! Crazy!

Quick and Accurate

I like that I can quickly check the weather conditions in several places and get accurate information

Won’t open

I’ve been trying to open this App since I downloaded it. It opens and immediately close.

Crashing on launch for iPhone X

Beautiful app, but it’s crashing on launch with this latest update. iPhone X running iOS 11.1.

Turns off my music

I really like this app because its aesthetic and gives me the weather, but it turns off my music each time I open it which is a huge no-no for me. It’d be 5 stars if that issue was fixed.

Weather Radar

Easy to use . With no instructions I've added and removed locations and navigated through all categories.


Crashes as soon as I open it

It’s a good one

Love it! Just work perfectly and clear and easy.

Gets the job done.

Not exactly what I expected when I downloaded it but it gets the job done.

It’s not working for me

Constantly says unable to load weather


This is a really great app! really enjoy the graphics and accuracy.

I'm in love with this app!

I've honestly always been hesitant about weather apps because my town is always unpredictable when it comes to the weather, but this one gets it right about 97% of the time which is a lot to say. I love all the information that comes along with it. Definitely recommend it. Super happy with it!

Very good

Pro app

Very disappointed

oh well, guess I’ll keep looking for another app

Great app

Love the app

Great app!

Love this app. Very nice, convenient, pretty, and very helpful! No problems.

on point

gave more info than i needed!

Live Weather

Would be nice to actually see Delaware scenery.

Needs to work on accuracy

It’s not up to date. Never seems to be accurate. Very disappointing.

Live weather not always live!

App is great when it works. But half the time it is a day behind. Like right now it is 9:30AM tuesday and the app is still on 6PM Monday. Never know what I will get when I check it.

App is ok

Just installed the app. Like it however, I notice there are many ads and the time of day does not show.


Really informative and nice to have when wanting to know the forecast. That’s all I had to say really and this is why I hate giving reviews because you have to enter so many words before you can send your message.


Seems really good so far


Very accurate and good look

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